Friday, 26 May 2017

White Band Tees, Blue Maxi Skirts and Purple Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote

Thank you all for your support and encouragement when I launched my first ebook on Monday! An extra big thank you to those who supported me by sharing the post or buying a copy even though they aren't pregnant. I really appreciate it, the book took me a while to write and edit and I was so excited to share with you. Shea was kind enough to say some lovely things about it in her latest post too!

Now, part two of the post I made last week, showing another two ways to wear graphic tees. This time around I'm wearing two of my Kisschasy band tees with maxi skirts. Something different from the usual graphic tee and jeans outfit, but just as easy to wear.

What I wore:

Kisschasy band tee chambray maxi skirt easy outfit purple mini MAB bag | Away From Blue

Rebecca Minkoff purple mini MAB tote bag cross body | Away From The Blue
Tee: band tee from KissChasy "Bones and skin" tour
SkirtNoisy May long denim maxi skirt
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink!)

Why I wore it:

Of all the Kisschasy band tees I have, this one has to be my favourite. Which is kind of funny as I missed most of the show on the Bones & Skin tour. The scary at the time (but funny afterwards) story of how we ended up spending most of the gig in a hospital waiting room will mean it's one of the more memorable shows despite only seeing a little part of it.

Wore this for a quiet Saturday running a few errands. The chambray maxi skirt is only slightly different from wearing this band tee with jeans, but I feel it's a very different look. Comfortable and perfect for a day running around with the boys. Also pleased how perfectly the graphic print lined up with the elasticated waist on the maxi skirt!

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Kisschasy band tee, chambray maxi skirt, gold Havaianas, plum Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote.

Other ways to wearKisschasy band tee and leopard print jeans, chambray maxi skirt and stripes, plum Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and denim shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and maternity denim.

White Graphic Tees Under $50:

What I wore:

Kisschasy Final Roar band tee striped maxi skirt SAHM Style | AwayFromBlue

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum faux fur bag charm | AwayFromTheBlue
Tee: Kisschasy The Final Roar band tee
Skirt: Target navy side split maxi skirt
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink!)

Why I wore it:

Another day, another Kisschasy band tee. This was actually the first graphic tee I got out of my wardrobe to wear after being inspired by Sheila's graphic tee outfit. I have only worn this tee a few times, as I got it when I went to the final Brisbane show before Kisschasy disbanded.

While this tee does look great with jeans (and I've worn in that way in the past) for something different I went with a trusty wardrobe staple, a maxi skirt. I wanted to be comfortable for a trip down the coast to spend some time with my parents, and this was the perfect outfit for that.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer (above), Kisschasy Final Roar concert tee, stripe maxi skirt, gold Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff purple mini MAB Tote bag (above).

Other ways to wearKisschasy Final Roar concert tee and jeans, navy maxi skirt and yellow bag, gold Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff purple mini MAB Tote bag and skinny jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyKisschasy Final Roar concert tee in second trimester, purple mini MAB tote bag with pink dress in second trimester.

Blue Maxi Skirts Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

You don't need to leave all your old concert or band tees to gather dust in your wardrobe! Try pairing them with a maxi skirt for a different look. This works well with any graphic tee you'd usually just pair with jeans, but is just as easy and comfortable to wear.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

How to Have a Stylish Pregnancy On a Budget: eBook & Giveaway!

This has to be the most nervous and excited I have ever been about posting. I'm sharing my first eBook!

Stylish Pregnancy on a Budget: how to stick to your personal style and budget during pregnancy

ebook: Stylish Pregnancy on a Budget: how to stick to your personal style and budget during pregnancy

It's a guide for you to identify your own pregnancy style and wear what works for you and your growing bump. I've crammed it full of all of the best tips, tricks and exactly what you need to know to effortlessly dress your bump and feel comfortable and confident through your pregnancy. It explains how to navigate maternity clothing and only buy what you really need, identify what you already have that will work for you, and even how to create your own pregnancy capsule wardrobe. With more than 5 years of personal style blogging over two pregnancies, I have of course included a lot of outfit inspiration and ideas too.

When you're pregnant your 'I have nothing to wear' days increase as your growing baby limits your wardrobe options. With this pregnancy style guide you'll be able to minimise those days! You'll know what outfits you have in your wardrobe that will work for you in each trimester and be able to stay true to your personal style through your pregnancy. It's got the knowledge I acquired through two pregnancies so you don't have to make the same expensive mistakes I did when buying maternity clothing.

It's normally $2.95, but for everyone who enters the giveaway to win a copy I'm giving you a special discount code just for the book launch. The discount code will bring the price down to $1.50, even if you don't win the giveaway. The code is only valid for 48 hours so snap it up when you can! Just click here or on the button below to buy it.

Discount Code:

Newer readers might wonder why I'm coming out with this book now, over a month after baby boy's first birthday. This has been a long time in the making. Spending time in July last year with a special friend gave me the confidence to give the book a try and I started writing it. With Baby Boy's health issues and hospital stay it just kept getting pushed back further and further. It's come together now with a lot of support and encouragement! A little later than I hoped, but I'm no less proud of managing to actually write an eBook. I even have an affiliate program, so if you like the book and want to be part of it send me a message.

All of the early feedback has been so positive and I'm thrilled to be able to offer this pregnancy style resource to you!

Enter the giveaway below to get your discount code and have the chance to win a copy. To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me who you'd want to win the eBook for. The answer that makes me smile the most will be the winner. Giveaway ends on Sunday 28th May. Winning is a game of skill, judge's decision is final.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Excited about the ebook but don't need it in your life right now and can't think of anyone who does? That's okay, I've got an outfit to share too!

What I wore:

DressMEV Havana maxi dress C/O Zibibo
Belt: white and silver sequin scarf worn as a belt
Bracelets: the usual plus silver charm bracelet

Why I wore it:

This is what I wore for Baby Boy's first birthday party. I wanted to wear this pretty dress again after it was the last blog photo I took while pregnant with him, seemed fitting to wear it for his party.

The first birthday is always an emotional celebration, but even more so this time. Since Baby Boy's speedy arrival into the world things have been so different in so many ways, but through it all we have been blessed. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over his first year, from friends and family helping us to people online reaching out with advice, support and encouragement.

Blogging is my me-time and while it might be in short supply with 2 boys under 3, it's always fun to come and share my outfits and now my eBook with you all. Thank you. 💕

Last worn: sequin scarf, Mothers En Vogue Maxi Dress.

Other ways to wear: sequin scarf as a headband, pink maxi dress and denim jacket.

Perfect for pregnancy: Mothers En Vogue maxi dress at 39 weeks.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

2 Different Ways to Wear Graphic Tees And Where to Buy Them For Under $50

First up, exciting news! I was featured over on sharing my top pregnancy style tips!

5 months into #6MonthsWithoutShopping, and I'm really getting uninspired with my wardrobe. I'm trying to solve that problem by picking pieces that haven't been worn in a while, as well as implementing any outfit inspiration I come across as soon as possible.

Below are two outfits with my graphic tees. I was inspired to try them after seeing Sheila rocking one of her graphic tees in an unexpected combination, and it got me thinking not only of wearing my graphic tees again, but also trying some different outfit ideas.

What I wore:

graphic tee and skinny jeans outfit with a pink vest and LV Neverfull bag | Away From Blue

pink vest, Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull | Away From The Blue
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
Tee: Monsterthreads star print graphic tee
JeansJeanswest Bindi prima skinny 7/8 jeans in indigo luxe
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in blackand super cute in cherry print!)
BagLouis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Why I wore it:

This graphic tee is one of the newest ones in my wardrobe, and a firm favourite. It was a gift from my bestie and I love the print and colour. While I'd set myself the goal of wearing more of my graphic tees I'd also recently unboxed my jeans for autumn and so have been trying to wear all of them as well. I wasn't too sure if these dark Prima jeans looked too monochrome with the navy tee, so I added the pink vest to break the outfit up a little.

I like adding this pink vest to monochrome outfits, have worn it that way a few times. I felt the vest dressed up the jeans and tee outfit a little too for Baby Boy's specialist appointment at the Mater.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is the perfect one for carrying around the now pretty big file with all of Baby Boy's medical documents.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, pink vest, moon graphic tee, Jeanswest Prima jeans, gold mouse flats, Louis Vuitton neverfull MM.

Other ways to wearpink vest worn two ways, moon graphic tee and pink blazer, Jeanswest Prima jeans and red cardi in spring, gold mouse flats and maxi dress, Louis Vuitton neverfull and striped skirt.

Perfect for pregnancy: graphic tee in the third trimester, skinny jeans in the second trimester with a belly band, mouse flats and maternity wrap dress, neverfull at 38 weeks pregnant.

Graphic Tees Under $50:

What I wore:

threadless graphic tee and printed pleated aline skirt green and yellow OOTD | AwayFromBlue

printed skirt, Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey | AwayFromTheBlue
Tee: Threadless 'Stone Jungle' tee
Skirt: Garfunkle Australia pleated print skirt
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

I'm still so unsure about this outfit! I'm glad I tried it but am not convinced enough to want to rewear this. This is the outfit I was inspired to create after seeing how Sheila wore her 'jellydeer' tee. I've worn green and yellow before but never paired a graphic tee with this printed skirt.

A very new outfit for me and I went back and forth between liking it and wishing I'd worn something different through the day as I ran errands and took Baby Boy for his weekly weigh. It seemed pretty popular on Instagram though! This skirt is always complimented, it really is so pretty and I'm glad I'm actually wearing it more often now and not just writing that I should.

Last worn: green graphic tee, pleated and printed skirt, black ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag.

Other ways to weargreen graphic tee and hoodie, pleated and printed skirt with navy tank, black ballet flats and flaresMAM and pencil skirts in the office.

Perfect for pregnancy: printed skirt hiding an early second trimester baby bump, MAM Bag and maternity denim.


More Graphic Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Graphic tees look so good with jeans, but it's nice to mix things up a little and try to wear them in new ways. Add a fun layer like a vest or blazer for some extra colour and a different look for a classic jeans and tee outfit. You can even try pairing a graphic tee with a fuller skirt for a different silhouette.

Come back to the blog Monday for a big announcement and a special giveaway!

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